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Hello and Welcome to the forum!

Post  Starlight on Thu May 10, 2012 2:08 pm

Hello, and welcome to the spiritual journey forum!
This forum was created to give us a new way to discuss ideas for my radio show.
Hello, everyone. My name is Melissa Roe. I'm totally blind and live in California. I enjoy spending time on the computer. I do lots of fun things like play games, chat with friends and so on. The most important thing for m, however, is audio things. I'm an audio geek with just simple audio equipment. The important thing to remember is that I do it for fun. I've been doing internet radio broadcasting for years, used to do a podcast and even did a bit of work for audio dramatizations.
I recently have been playing around on spreaker. The website is a bit tricky, but they have an IPhone app that is much easier for me to use. I really love the IPhone because Apple has gone out of their way to make this device so accessible to the blind. Yes, I'm totally blind. I use ta screen reader for my computer, as well as voice over on the IPhone. If things such as color and printing don't look right on the forum, you'll have to excuse me, lol.
The main reason I created this forum was for people to share ideas on a radio show I recently started. A friend of mine heard my little broadcasts I did on spreaker. I would share my thoughts on things because I enjoyed talking. I just love sharing my thoughts and letting the words flow naturally. I don't have an account on spreaker, I just sign in with my twitter information. You can search for me either through Melissa Roe, or my twitter username, morning_song.
A friend of mine heard my podcasts on spreaker and really sounded more and more interested in what I had to say. She is also blind and runs her own internet radio station, WICS radio. You can visit the site here.
Anyway, she had asked me to do a spiritual talk show on her station. She said I had good energy, she could feel it when she heard me talk. I was kind of nervous at first. I had been doing music shows for years on various internet radio stations, but never had I thought of doing a spiritual talk show. I don't back down from challenges, however, and I accepted this new challenge with determination. I didn't always have much luck with broadcasting, mainly because these small community stations were not very well-known. Even though we spread the word through various sources of media: twitter, facebook, blogs, websites, and other forums, we simply didn't get as much of a listener base as we had hoped for.
I am a person who enjoys interaction and that is the primary purpose of a talk show. Instead of you playing music whether by request or an automated playlist, you get to give the listeners a chance to let their voice be heard. This is an oppertunity for people to call/e-mail in their thoughts and stories on a spacific topic and gives other listeners a chance to hear what they have to say. I think radio is a powerful influence, if used appropriately. It can be an amazing tool!
While we're on the subject of tools, let's get to the reason I created this forum. This forum is a tool for me, in a way, because I'm hoping to spread the word and get the message about the show and the station out there to more sources if possible. This is also a good way for people to discuss varioud topics in between show episodes.
The name of the show is entitled, A Journey To Share. This show airs more during the day, due to the fact that I have the house to myself. I am married and have a husband who is also blind and has Cerebral palsy as well as other slight learning disabilities. He is at a day program, so the house is quiet, giving me time to do the show with no disturbance. The show airs from 10:00 A.M to noon, pacific time, or !:00 P.M to 3:00 P.M eastern every Wednesday. I really hope more people can tune in and listen. If you absolutely can't listen, I'll find ways to put up show archives as podcasts.
again, if you wish to tune in the website for the radio station is:
This show is intended to discuss the wonders of our spiritual universe. Topics include but are not limited to: Near-death experiences, which will be the topic for next week's upcoming show. Also topics such as: speaking in tongues, spiritual healings, hauntings, and visions, dreams, and dream interpretation.
I wanted to give listeners several ways to contact the show and share their stories. Always remember, keep an open mind and be respectful towards others. Everyone has their own religious beliefs, including myself. I am a Christian and have a strong faith in God, but I also believe that meditation and new age music has its benefits. I believe in learning new things, and have always been interested in things about spirituality. Is there a life after death? I do believe there is an eternal life, and thank the Lord above that he has given us a chance to live in heaven with him eternally. It just fascinates me that there are spirits who try to communicate to those who still live on this earth. People have had near-death experiences, or they experience visions that are just incredible. I have had those kinds of experiences yet, but I have had some recurring dreams, and wish to seek the meanings of them.
I encourage everyone to post stories, and I also encourage people to discuss them. Remember though, we are all entitled to our own oppinions, just be nice about it. If you disagree with a person's thoughts and beliefs it's ok to disagree, but leave it at that. I dislike debates and therefore never watch the news because that's what most of those news people do these days is have political debates. This isn't a religious debate or a preaching circle. This is simply a place to learn and have fun.
Note: Some of these stories discussed on the forums may be shared on the radio show. Listeners are also invited to skype, e-mail, tweet or even phone in to the comment line to share their thoughts and ideas as well as here on the forums. If you do not wish your story to be mentioned, please say so when you write your posts.
The show lasts for 2 hours so there's plenty of time to tune in and share! Life is a journey to share, one must never walk the road of life alone.
Here are other contact methods for the show.
e-mail: spiritualjourney@live.com
skype only during show airtime: spiritualjourney1
telephone comment line: 641-715-3800 ext: 53754
I look forward to hearing from you. Happy posting. Thank you so much and have a great day! Take care, and God bless.
Melissa, aka starlight.


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